Have a Generated Faith

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – MLK Jr.
To me, Dr. King’s words mean that faith is as much a practice as it is a character trait.  “Having faith,” is great, I’m just partial to generating it.
Let’s face it: It’s easy (and often rational) to lose faith, and I’m just as guilty as anyone in letting fear rule the day from time to time. As a result, generating faith takes work.  As Dr. King said, it is like taking a step – a step toward believing in our own capacity to heal, to forgive, to rise above and love.
There’s value in a leap of faith and even blind faith. A huge part of my yoga practice is using the faith I have in my higher self as the both an anchor and a portal.  It’s having faith that if I pause, steady myself, and open to a deeper recognition, a shift goes from being possible to probable.

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