Thank you for your interest in my online videos!


My hope in offering these videos is to connect with more students around the world looking for a type of yoga that honors our shared spirit, that seeks greater understanding of the many facets of our body and mind, and a type of yoga devoted to elevating and expanding what we, individually and communally, have to offer.


An important note: Videos are inherently flawed since every human body is different and every student ultimately needs to tailor their practice to their specific needs. This is particularly true when pain and injury are involved.


As is noted in many of the therapeutic videos, please consult an experienced medical professional if there is any indication at all that your injury or potential injury is acute, chronic or otherwise severe. While the general instructions in the videos can be quite useful, often injuries require instructions and adjustments specific to your individual biomechanical patterns.


Please feel free to contact me with requests for future topics and feedback as this is just the beginning of this new way for us to connect. Look for more and different types of content in the next few months and years!

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